As I mentioned in the previous posts, Dr. Wood has helped us understand how drive traffic to our website. Today though, we learned the more technical aspects of this.  He reviewed some of the basic aspects that are covered in search engines algorithms. 

Some of the key things that we need to focus on is our:
  • website name
  • key titles
  • megatags on the page
  • megatags on photos
  • how many links from other peoples sitsdas

At first, I thought I needed to be a computer specialist to be able to do this kind of research.  However, by linking this wesbite to my Facebook page, LinkedIn account, and Twitter, it will help provide more links to me, thus making me more popular in searches. 

 Also by putting tags behind my photos, it also helps drive people to my site.  An example Dr. Wood used in a previous lesson was when people search for accommodation, they may search "cheap bed and breakfast".  The problem is that most bed and breakfast's don't want to be seen as cheap, as it's a negative word.  The solution... put in the word "cheap" behind the website in megatags.  Also, they can use these megatags in photos.  So even in this website, their is much more that you realize!!!

However, we have to be careful, because Dr. Wood warned us about black hat techniques, that can alarm the search engines. 

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