Today, Dr. Wood went into more detail about Tuli Hotels.  One of his previous MBA students from India, has made several hotels through out his home country.  As you can see from Tuli Hotels website, they have several nice resorts, but the website needs to be updated.

It's our, MBA2 Marketing Class, responsibility to help him update his site.  Each student is given a topic that they have to research and inform him about through a presentation and info graphic.  My topic: "pay-per-click campaign".  
As you may have noticed in my previous post, How to Gain Traffic to my Wesbite, we already went over the basic aspects of this system.  

One thing that Dr. Wood mentioned, is that pay-per-click is usually used for businesses that are just starting or want to get a sudden boom in business.  This is because it can be quite expensive, thus it's not a stable way for a business to promote itself over a long period of time. 

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