As I've already begun this website, the big question is how can I get people to come find it! 

Dr. Wood showed us this by searching for his name, "David Wood", on Google.  Unfortunately for him, "David" is one of the more popular first names in the UK, and "Wood" is one of the most popular last names.  Given that, he has to be creative and sell himself in a unique way.  That's why he created the site theHospitality.biz.  This way, if I need to contact David Wood(my teacher), I can just type in the catchy name "theHospitality.biz" and find him easily.

On top of that, Dr. Wood explained to us the concept of a pay-per-click website.  As you may have noticed before, Google always has three items highlighted in a yellow box on top of your search.  These three items use a the pay-per-click system.  Here's out it works....  A website pays the search engines, such as Google, for each time a person clicks on one of those highlighted links.  The more popular search, such as "hotels" or "flights", the more it costs the company.  

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