The semester as officially begun!

Dr. Wood is back and the first class on the schedule for the semester is E-marketing!

Today Dr. Wood went over his syllabus for the semester.  As you can see, part of the course is to design this website.  On top of that, we also have to create a link and suggestions for Tuli hotels.  That is the individual part of the website.  As a group though, we have to create a newsletter in six different languages (English, French, Chinese (Mandarin), Arabic and Spanish).  Given that I can only speak English, it makes my role quite clear.  I guess I'll be in charge of writing in English or an editor.  We'll see....

On top of the introduction into E-marketing, Dr. Wood briefly went over search semantics.  Basically, its how big search engines understand know what you're looking for.  An example that came to mind in my teaching English days is the word "bark", which has many meetings; "skin from a tree", "the noise a dog makes" or a "sailing ship with three or more masts".  How does google know which "bark" you mean?  Well by looking at the key words around that word, it's easier for the search engines to decipher the meaning.  

As I learn more about this, I'll keep you updated!

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